Top Psychologists have been saying again and again for the last few years that taking time to be thankful each day improves your happiness and healthiness. Even better, researcher Robert Emmons says this affect sticks with you at a ratio of 7:60, also known as two months for every one week of daily thankfulness.

That’s pretty awesome! So, in honor of Thanksgiving today, we’re going to go over some easy ways you can start a daily gratitude habit.


Writing about things you are grateful for- as a list, poetry, song lyrics, whatever- in a digital or print journal or even a blog is one great way to actively think about what you are grateful for. Remember that it’s not about making a milestone to blog about it every day or even every month, it’s just about taking time to sincerely reflect on those things and people in your life you appreciate more often.

Gratitude Mantras

Mantras in the West at least have, like most words we’ve imported, morphed from their original religious purpose to mean something else. In this case they mean individual phrases to keep in mind for self improvement- sort of like proverbs, but it sounds more modern to say mantra I suppose. Whatever you call it, keeping a phrase in mind while you exercise or go about your day can be a great way to keep thankfulness in your life. Some good ideas might be to keep the phrase, “I’m grateful to have a paycheck and be able to pay rent,” in mind while working at a job that is okay but you don’t love; or to think of “Never do tomorrow what I can do today,” if you are struggling with the beast of procrastination (I know I often am!)


Grateful Notes

Send a note to someone you care about and tell them you are thankful for having them in your life. Something else you can do if you want to be totally extra is buy some thank-you cards and actually send them when someone gives you a nice gift or does something nice for you in work or in your personal life.

Vlog it Out

I think vlogging can be a great tool to self reflect on what you are thankful for and invite other people in the world to join you on that journey of gratitude.

Blog it Up

You can also blog about those things you are grateful for and invite the rest of the world to join in too. Obviously, that’s the route I decided to take today!

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