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I’m Kay- also known as The Great Zambini- and Out of The Hat is a lifestyle blog. I focus on creating content that will inspire others to live their maximum lifestyle on a minimum budget, and to help refuel the creative fires. I want to provide near magical solutions to everyday problems and generally think outside of the box. I really like thinking outside of the box. It confuses mimes everywhere πŸ˜‰

I’m here for young ethical creatives starting their careers and adult lives while living on a budget, figuring out how they fit into the world, and kicking butt in all of that despite maybe not having ideal physical and emotional health.

I’ve got your back!


About Me

Hi! My name is Kay Zambini. I write full time, both on this website, and on K.G.Wilkie where I write about my adventures writing YA novels. That, and I also write said novels.

It’s more than any decent sensible human would sign themselves up for- especially when you consider that it’s now officially my job to keep up all the social media outlets for two different writing outlets as well! I guess that goes to show I’m not the most sensible and practical person and prefer to live a little more optimistically. πŸ™‚

I also occasionally write updates about myself, from my travels to new hobbies to just living in the DC area.

But most of all what I write is united by the theme of encouraging you and teaching in a fun way. It’s not so strange to read a very useful informative post that has a joke or a silly poem thrown in just because why not make something sort of serious and practical more fun?

My blog combines money and budgets, creative life, eco and green, wellness, decorating and food, self growth, career growth, and more! It sounds like a lot going on, but what I’m writing isn’t one topic, it’s just everything that is needed for one audience.

And that’s young creatives starting their careers and adult lives while living on a budget and figuring out how they fit into the world and their relationships as an adult and kicking butt in all of that despite maybe not having ideal physical and emotional health and other hang ups trying to hold them down.

So when all my blogging friends get scared I have too broad a topic for anyone to care about, I just get scared that maybe I’m being too specific! If this can help people who fit somewhere in there, though, that would make me super happy.

After all, the reason I started a blog was to help other people going through what I’ve gone through!

I do have an autoimmune disease (Chronic Lyme Disease) as well as a heart/circulation disorder (POTs) so I’m not always as reliable a poster as I’d like to be. To combat this problem I try to schedule as many posts ahead of time as I can when I am healthy, but sometimes I don’t have enough backlog to cover my longer periods of sickness so there may be occasional dry spells in my posting. Sorry about that!

In case the name of the blog made you curious, I started this site to share the magical solutions I found to the everyday problems of my life while staying within my original college student budget of $0. I still am cheap at heart, and still do my best to share ways you can have the creative and green lifestyle you crave at even the smallest budget.

If you’d like to learn more about me and both my professional and personal lives, you can visit my About page on my author website.


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    • As a matter of fact, I`m not. I found the sign up took effort, and it really wasn`t necessary. There`s a very vibrant and active Craigslist community around here, and all kinds of really good stuff shows up for free. For example, I got a (new) Bosch dishwasher for free, because the people who owned it got a new color scheme in their kitchen. Stuff like that happens all of the time. It`s crazy, but I benefit a lot from it!

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  4. ooh i love your blog! I am also a casual geek – atm Im into Star Trek:TNG – really looking forward to watching season 5. Haven’t seen the Hobbit yet cos live in the country where cinemas are like an old projector and a few wooden stools. Waiting for the DVD to enjoy the film in the luxuries of home.

    • I haven`t actually seen the latest incarnation of Start Trek at all! I saw the original season (I was hog tied down and couldn`t avoid it) and the 80`s version (I decided Sci Fi may not be the worst thing ever invented after watching the original), but I really don`t watch television that much in general. I`m rather proud that my geekiness is usually limited more to books than what I watch, both in Sci Fi and Manga geekiness!

  5. Hi Zambini, thanks for your visit on my blog! I wanted to let you know I’ve visit your blog also and I am curious what you are going to do with recycling, what you will let us see. It’s a great subject, success! x Cynthia

  6. I’m sorry I didn’t notice your posts… I like your mirror, it’s nice. It’s a pity you don’t have a picture of the room divider too.. And I’m happy that I am inspiring someone else, thank you! You are inspiring me as well to try to do something with cardboard!

  7. I love that you name your gadgets. I do the same. My iPod’s name is Skippy. I also have a Nook tablet (that I adore more than should be allowable) and his name is Fred. πŸ™‚

  8. hi again TheGreatZambini, i really enjoyed the conversation thread we shared on my blog, and just wanted to visit a bit to ty for following my poetry and artwork. encouragement is always really appreciated.

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  10. As promised I dedicateda borscht recipe to you on my blog today. I linkde you but am not sure if you will get it so you can find it at frenchgardenerdishes.wordpress.com and it’s Pretty in Pink Al Fresco Lunch

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