Awards for Out of The Hat

Hello there, I’m so excited you are interested in seeing some more of my posts! Here on this page are all of the shiny blog awards I’ve gotten. They make a person feel special, don’t they? If you want to see all of this, (which is awfully like bragging) why don’t you mosey on to the page where I list all the people I’ve passed the awards onto, because, you know, they rock.

But here are all of the shiny awards that I’ve received to pass on. Feel free to look ’em over! :)

versatile blogger award

The Versatile Blogger Award


Best Moment AwardThe Best Moment Award


sunshine-awardThe Sunshine Award


versatile blogger vintageThe Versatile Blogger Award


liebsterLiebster Award


Very Inspiring Blogger AwardVery Inspiring Blogger Award


One Lovely BlogOne Lovely Blog Award


shauny awardThe Shauny Award



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