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Awards I’ve Given Others

Hello there, I’m so excited you are interested in seeing some more of my posts! Here on this page are all of the shiny blog awards I’ve gotten. They make a person feel special, don’t they? If you want to see all of this, (which is awfully like bragging) why don’t you mosey on to the page where I list all the people I’ve ever passed the awards onto in 6 years of blogging, because, you know, they rock. (Some of the blogs listed are no longer active. I cannot change that. I still appreciate what they did in the blogging world and will maintain their listing on the page.)

I also started to give out The Very Inspiring Poet award a few years ago. I’m glad to see it did a few rounds, and I’m glad to continue giving credit to great poetry bloggers online.

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The Very Inpiring Poet award

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Very Inspiring Poet Award(1)

Feel free to nominate your favorite bloggers for the Very Inspiring Poet Award as well, keeping in mind that it is is the only award for online poets, by online poets. I give the award to my top winners once a year in April, which is National Poetry Month, but I’d be happy if you wanted to give this to the best poetry bloggers out there as well at any time.


Awards I’ve Received

Here are all of the shiny awards that I’ve received for this blog to pass on. Feel free to look ’em over! 🙂

The Shauny Award




One Lovely Blog Award



Very Inspiring Blogger Award



Liebster Award




The Versatile Blogger Award


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The Sunshine Award



The Best Moment Award



The Versatile Blogger Award


versatile blogger award

Other Awards

In the past I used to keep my writing milestones as well as blogging accomplishments on this blog, but things have changed in the last few years. Now days I keep all of my more literary related achievements on my author website. I’ve won Nanowrimo several times, I have membership badges for various professional organizations, and I’ve won a few poetry and short story awards. You can follow my work as a novelist here.







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