20’s Bucket List for Travel That Will Change Your Life

I think most people have a plan, have lifestyle goals, aim for #vanlife, something. I am one of those people. My particular goal is to travel the world and go to every country. Being the overplanner that I am- how did such a disorganized and flighty person become such an obsessive planner as an adult, … Continue reading 20’s Bucket List for Travel That Will Change Your Life

Sending Out an SOS: This Historic President’s Museum is in Need of Help

I had a lovely day trip planned last weekend for a visit to a historical estate, some hiking, and a picnic, as it was uncommonly warm. (Well, I say uncommonly. In years past it would have been a normal temperature, but it's been a very chilly Winter!) I was planning to visit Gunston Hall, the … Continue reading Sending Out an SOS: This Historic President’s Museum is in Need of Help

Tourists vs Travelers: The Age Old Dispute

I hate you for being nice: A Tale When you tell someone you were glad they had a nice vacation, you expect a smile. Maybe even laughter. They just got back from vacation, after all. They should be light hearted. But then you realize you've made a miscalculation. You said, "Glad to hear you had … Continue reading Tourists vs Travelers: The Age Old Dispute

On the Go

When I leave the house for the day, I sometimes get a little nervous. I always worry that I might run into some sort of little emergency that at the very least well be a real inconvenience for the rest of the day, if not an outright embarrassment. Then I had an aha moment! Bring … Continue reading On the Go

Trevelette Extraordinaire

Back from my one month of vacation! I know most bloggers like to take a month or two off from blogging in Winter, but I'd rather have my cake and eat it too- so I like to take May off as well as December, or thereabouts. Anyways, along with my bloggy vacation, I've been enjoying … Continue reading Trevelette Extraordinaire

This Frozen World

The Potomac is frozen over at Mount Vernon's lookout. It's now snowing and covering up the grass which h ad been trampled free of last week's snow, and is now a dreamy snow laden landscape which is so easy to explore now that most tourists have been scared away by the snowfall. It's always a … Continue reading This Frozen World

Independence Day

Migrants You know, my grand parents moved to The States right before World War II, because they could tell trouble was brewing and they wanted no part of it. That's not so different from everyone else who lives here. Thousands of years ago, the native tribes traveled from Asian across the land bridge to escape … Continue reading Independence Day

A Monumental Repair

The freak Earthquake of 2011 surprised Eastern residents of the United States, as it was an unprecedented (for the region, it was pretty wimpy in the history of the world overall) 5.8 on the Richter Scale. This meant that many old buildings were pretty shook up and needed some intensive repairs. (Well, old in The … Continue reading A Monumental Repair

Today’s Playlist

Lately I've had a few songs stuck in my head. And I figure, if these songs are driving me crazy, they might as well drive you crazy too. But let me clarify: they are really good songs. They are driving me crazy because they are good, and I like them, and I occasionally have a … Continue reading Today’s Playlist

Please Contain Yourself!

I love those nice little clear jar collections you can see in stores and on blogs. Unfortunately, I don't have shelves worth of perfectly matched jars and lids. I think that would cost a pretty penny to get, so I like using old jelly jars and a few apothecary jars and maybe even an old … Continue reading Please Contain Yourself!