President`s Day

President`s Day seems to be a rather pointless holiday now. I`m not really sure why it is, but it is obvious. Just look into the millions of coupon flyers you`ve probably gotten in the last few days and you`ll know it`s true. What is President`s Day supposed to be about? Nobody knows. That`s because it … Continue reading President`s Day

Tied in Knots

My hairstyle, that is! I absolutely love buns. They are so chic, and they look terribly tricky to pull together. They are also super easy to actually pin up, and cut my hair styling routine down to about ten minutes a day. Here`s five buns, with terrible pictures, that I`ve worn this week! The poor … Continue reading Tied in Knots

Star Studded Eyes, bags, shoes, and world

Everything is Now Studded. I like the post. I think that there is way too much studding going on too! Even if you do cave into the need to buy a ton of trend pieces, you should still remember a big rule of good taste among studs: less is more! Studs are definitely meant to … Continue reading Star Studded Eyes, bags, shoes, and world

Talons of Zteel (or Steel, if you are into the whole letter ‘S’ thing…)

I dont know about you, but I love nails. They are the one piece of glam on a girl that can look perfect for a week and good enough far longer, as well as always available in the right size! I have wide feet, and shoe stores always annoy me because even though I have … Continue reading Talons of Zteel (or Steel, if you are into the whole letter ‘S’ thing…)

We’ve got cat scratch fever!

We`ve got cat scratch fever and it`s spreading plague! "Maybe they will stay away," all the townsfolk pray! Maybe we`ll infect you with our great sense of fun, but if you don`t follow this post once you log off, we`re done. (I had the song from Dr. Horrible`s Sing Along Blog: Bad Horse [Letter] buzzing … Continue reading We’ve got cat scratch fever!