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Give, Give, and Give Some More

If you’ve been following the #SmallSteps series, you’ll know there are ways to save up your physical and digital change enough to make donations that will really make a difference. But how do you decide where to give those donations? Find Your Passion Projects Passion Projects are the things you care about that closely relate

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Be A Kind Person In Half The time By Giving Your Spare Change

Our first post in the #SmallSteps series we talked about giving your physical change to those in need of it. This week we are going to jump into ways you can give your digital change. Digital Change First of all, what is digital change? That’s the cents left to make a full dollar when you

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Easy Steps to Bring Thankfulness into Your Daily Life and Reap The Stress Relieving Rewards

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I know it’s a uniquely American holiday that the rest of the world doesn’t celebrate, but I think remembering the blessings in our lives is an important thing to do. With Thanksgiving behind me now I think it’s important to remember how good it is for us to be thankful year round.

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A Millenial’s Plan to Get Their Career in Order In 3 Easy Steps

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This series is to help you think about what goals you might want to have in the first place- because the best way to start with something is by doing first things first.


I have fully unveiled my renovated Pinterest account! You can access it here. I backlisted some of my previous posts as pins, and I’m working on making sure my future posts are connected there. I also have started making Pinterest exclusive content that will be unveiled through this week as well as going forward. Look

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Coins for Change to Supercharge Giving Back to The Community In Half The Time

I’m starting a new series this week about the #SmallSteps a person can easily take to give back to their community…

Improve Your Happiness And Self Confidence: Compliment Yourself!

Sometimes you feel a little down in the dumps. Let’s face it, life isn’t always what you wish it were. And sometimes those feelings grab hold of you and sink you. That`s just how things work. It’s times like those when I take a cue from my Dad. My Dad is a nutball and goof,

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Busy in the Age of Productivity: Break Through the Business Addiction and Start Being Productive!

I’m always busy. I spend every day busy. Sometimes you spend your time and your life in a blur of activity. I run from one thing to the next, going through all the different things I’m trying to learn- programming, reading Japanese kanji characters, reading the next novel I’m on after reading another chapter in

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With Racism Here’s Something To Ponder

I feel like humor is, as in the past, being used in this modern world to share major societal problems and concerns in a non-confrontational way. I mean, nobody really listens when the crazed right wing/left wing starts yelling at them that the government should be done their way and everyone else is stupid. When

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Tilting Dragons: The Battle of Learning

Sometimes I just get so frustrated in my day to day life. I know you must feel the same as well. I just want to be perfect- make money, look put together, get along with everyone, always be able to say just the right thing to everyone, have time and skill in my various hobbies,

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