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Peace, Dude

This Hardcore World All of this scrolling through violent posts and bits of history, (Remember my Black history posts to date?) I`ve been inspired to turn the tide. Sure, sometimes war can create peace- when we are talking about the last ditch option to an enslaved and oppressed people group or region. But when war

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Civil War is Here!

What I`m about to tell you is a big secret. So big that a social war is being fought over it. A civil war going on under your nose, right here in America. Were you aware of this? Get the fluff out of your ears, now. I said, “There is a civil war in America!!!!!!!!!!”

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Guy`s Night out Always Leads to Girl Talk

I love guy`s night out. I love going to watch some action movie, oohing and awing over the awesome explosions, high-fiving each other after each particularly spectacular fight sequence. Sure, I like girl`s nights out too, where we get to see chick flicks and eat ice cream afterwards, but guy`s night has a special place

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The Silver Years of Hollywood: We Love Graceful Ageing

Dear Z, Ive been reading a lot about some new anti aging trends. The most noticeable was some articles Ive been reading about Suzanne Somers flirting with hGH, and Ill admit I`m a little curious. To give me a more balanced perspective, could you brainstorm some of the pros of aging? -LiverLover29 First off, I

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