Love Yourself

I just saw a blog post admonishing all of us to stop hiding from the camera. I`ll be the first to admit that I have a problem with it. When I see someone has a camera out, I run for the hills. I don`t want people to see my goofy smile, my buck teeth, my … Continue reading Love Yourself

Cinematic Fanatic

Let me just start by saying I`m not. Really. I mean, I like movies. I watch one just about every night, actually. We used to be really strict about all eating at the dining room or kitchen table, but we got lazy. So now we all eat real food, (like before) and all together in … Continue reading Cinematic Fanatic

Peace, Dude

This Hardcore World All of this scrolling through violent posts and bits of history, (Remember my Black history posts to date?) I`ve been inspired to turn the tide. Sure, sometimes war can create peace- when we are talking about the last ditch option to an enslaved and oppressed people group or region. But when war … Continue reading Peace, Dude

Civil War is Here!

What I`m about to tell you is a big secret. So big that a social war is being fought over it. A civil war going on under your nose, right here in America. Were you aware of this? Get the fluff out of your ears, now. I said, "There is a civil war in America!!!!!!!!!!" … Continue reading Civil War is Here!

Guy`s Night out Always Leads to Girl Talk

I love guy`s night out. I love going to watch some action movie, oohing and awing over the awesome explosions, high-fiving each other after each particularly spectacular fight sequence. Sure, I like girl`s nights out too, where we get to see chick flicks and eat ice cream afterwards, but guy`s night has a special place … Continue reading Guy`s Night out Always Leads to Girl Talk

The Silver Years of Hollywood: We Love Graceful Ageing

Dear Z, Ive been reading a lot about some new anti aging trends. The most noticeable was some articles Ive been reading about Suzanne Somers flirting with hGH, and Ill admit I`m a little curious. To give me a more balanced perspective, could you brainstorm some of the pros of aging? -LiverLover29 First off, I … Continue reading The Silver Years of Hollywood: We Love Graceful Ageing