Denver Aquarium

Denver`s Downtown Aquarium is one of the most wonderful tributes to the beauty of water I`ve ever seen. The architecture was breathtakingly beautiful, with even the escalator sporting a gorgeous display. There were endless tanks of fish, and they were all large and roomy enough for the fish to zip about happily without the sluggishness … Continue reading Denver Aquarium

Reconstruction: The Closet Era

Some Things Need Tailoring Like I said in my post, Ive done some light closet purging lately. I make it a habit to go through my clothes, including the stuff that is stashed in the back just in case Ill fit into it again, and donate the stuff that I dont truly love anymore. That … Continue reading Reconstruction: The Closet Era

Constructive Purging

No, I haven`t lost my mind. I`m not talking about bulimia here, (which is destructive, let me tell you) but rather the getting rid of material junk. That`d be possessions, mind you. I`m even being more specific than that. Since it is Spring, and a lot of things are getting pruned, I turned that same … Continue reading Constructive Purging

Quick Menu

Here`s my day in a quick picture menu. Or, at least, some of my day. Let`s be honest, this is just part of what I eat in a day. I eat a lot, you know, so I have to keep my strength up somehow. Maybe this will have some good ideas for those with gluten … Continue reading Quick Menu

Break Blues Begone!

The Best Advancement in Psuedo-Science Yet! On a school vacation again? Feeling lonely, miserable, and seperated because all your friends you saw during the school year are off in foreign countries or partying at the beach, and you are growing mushrooms staring at manga in your panic closet? Well, no longer! Introducing new Break Blues … Continue reading Break Blues Begone!

Casual Geekery

In a galaxy, far far away, lives another race. A race that speaks Klingon and knows Tolkien`s elvish runes by heart. A race of humanoids that can encrypt data faster than a cartoon man leaping over tall buildings, while wrestling angry dragonoids in a 3-D gaming platform. This race is a proud component of geekdom, … Continue reading Casual Geekery

Exercise should be fun!

Exercise? DaNce it Up!. If you want to be active and fit, you have to stop treating exercise as a job, or even a dreaded duty. You have to move because you have found it a fun thing to do to really keep your New Year`s resolutions going. Biker Chicks So dust off that old … Continue reading Exercise should be fun!

Surprise Inside! Rainbow Crackled Nails

I`ve been promising some things for about a month now. In particular, this little gem of a preview post foretold the coming of a theme week. Then, in a fit of pique, I decided to drop that project. However, I felt inspired to return to the question a few days later, on the third if … Continue reading Surprise Inside! Rainbow Crackled Nails

So Hoity Toity with your Special Diet. Allergies? Pshaw.

Dear Misunderstanding friend/family/etc trying to convince me 'one bite won`t hurt', Sure, I like being special. I like 'special' when it`s used as a codeword to mean brilliant, or above average, or just really cool and amazing. Who dislikes that kind of special? But then there`s the kind of special that is said in a … Continue reading So Hoity Toity with your Special Diet. Allergies? Pshaw.

Rubber Duckie, You’re The One. You Make Bathtime Fun!

I hate showers. I don't know about you, but I actually hate showers. Somewhere between taking off my glasses and being blind, and standing in the dark, windowless, and poorly lit room we call a bathroom, the experience isn't much fun for me. The room isn`t all that warm, either. It`s a little better now … Continue reading Rubber Duckie, You’re The One. You Make Bathtime Fun!