Stalker Creeper Rehab

This photo basically represents my presence on WordPress for the last two years. After having a few posts here and there in 2015, I literally did not upload a single post during the worst years of college. I also did not eat much, caught two cases of mono, and developed a sleeping disorder when I … Continue reading Stalker Creeper Rehab


Very Inspiring Poets

Very Inspiring Poet Award I posted the first edition of this poetry blog award here.  I'll admit it, that post was written in my first year of blogging, and I hadn't really met even half of the amazing blog friends I have now, just a short time later. So the post did link to four … Continue reading Very Inspiring Poets

Shauny Award

The Shauny Award Dear Kitty of Some Blog nominated me for the sparkly new Shauny Award for blogging excellence. There aren't really any rules for the award, which is pretty cool. I mean, freestyle awarding. How cool is that? I'm not really sure where the excellence is in my little blog, as I don't really … Continue reading Shauny Award

A Lovely Community

One Lovely Blog Award I received the One Lovely Blog award from Ajaytao 2010. I`m so honored to have so many friends in this community! Here is my second award (gained in a single week!) The rules? Easy peasy. All you have to do is show the blog picture in the post, link to your … Continue reading A Lovely Community

Blogging Birthday

Today, as well as being New Years Eve, is also my Blogs Birthday! Its been a whole year. I dont even know where to begin. Im so lucky to have met all of you lovely people. Im glad weve struggled through our blogs identities, changing writing styles and tones, exploring new blog formats and types … Continue reading Blogging Birthday

Poetry Badges

Existing Poetry Badges+Competitions in the Blogosphere I like badges. They are shiny, and they make you feel good. Badges are those little things that say, "Yes, Ive done something with my blog. Its not just a personal journal or newspaper, it`s a place others go to read and to think." What  a nice goal. So … Continue reading Poetry Badges


           The Very Inspiring Blogger Award              It is a truth universally acknowledged that blog awards aren`t always fair. How else could such a lazy blogger as me have any awards while my really dedicated and high quality comrades walk around without any? Though, of course, everyone else who has … Continue reading Inspiration

The Drive To Write

I love responding to blog challenges. They challenge me, and they make me feel like eventually I will have someone respond to some of my challenges. Even better, I have had some people respond to my challenges, and it is only fair to pass on that blogger love! Like the lovely Doris in this post. … Continue reading The Drive To Write

Poetry Challenge Week: Day 7

I know, it seems a little weird to have the week end on a Friday. On the other hand, Im sure the second you get out of work, it feels like the week ended for you, so I think it tends to work out in the end. So, what have we been doing for this … Continue reading Poetry Challenge Week: Day 7

Poetry Challenge Week: Day 5

Our Adventure So Far... Wow, weve reached the fifth day already! I feel like we have done so much, and come so far. Thats probably because its true, though! We really have gotten a lot done. We <a title="Poetry Challenge Week: Day 1" href="">found some poems</a> that were worth reading and decided that writing poetry might … Continue reading Poetry Challenge Week: Day 5