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When it comes to the world of blogging, it’s a beautifully open space where we can all share and exchange ideas. Sometimes, however, that is a not-so-good idea. So if you want to send a 1 800 Flowers delivery to my house, or a birthday card, or share a deep confession with me over email, or talk about the possibility of guest blogging (I’d be ecstatic to post on your’s or have you post on mine!), it’s probably best to do that privately.

And that’s just because RDXorganEnlARgement, that faithful commenter on my blog, is not exactly someone I want to share my email or mailing address with. Don’t even get me started on that jerk femmelechereweightloss, who is always saying that my posts are enlightening and revolutionizing the blog world but never bothers to spell check and has the nerve to say the same thing to hundreds of other bloggers!

Just fill out the handy little contact form below and I’ll get in contact with you so you can send me a birthday card. It would be nice, is all I’m sayin’!

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