10 Fair Trade Swimsuits That Will Make You Feel Like a Siren This Summer

Fair trade is so important! And once we’ve embraced that, it’s something that ends up being in the back of our mind every time we buy something. Swimsuit season is no exception, so I’ve drummed up my favorite fair trade swimsuits that look amazing, work for your body and your style, and support workers being

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Independence Day

What does it even mean to be American? Why are Americans so patriotic? I think that people confuse American patriotism for what it may mean in some other countries. Americans don’t rush out in droves on Independence Day to eat cotton candy and play with sparklers at a cookout because they agree with everything the

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How To Survive The Anxiety When You Have To Do Phone Calls (Because They Refuse to Email Like a Decent Human)

Phone calls stink. But you can survive them with a mix of practical tips to fight phone anxiety delivered with signature snarky humor.

Miracle Equipment Free Vacation Workouts So You Feel Like The Breathtaking Views!

girl with black hair in black yoga clothes doing a half handstand on the beach with sunrise breaking through the clouds in the sky and blue banner with white text says "Awesome Workouts You Can Do in Any Hotel Room" with a line below that says "Keep you Fit on The Road Without Equipment or Space" with a line below and to the right that says "The Great Zambini" with bunny in green tophat logo next to it and the two right corners have stripes of orange marigolds on black background angled to cover the corners of the beach photo and look awesome,Equipment Free Workouts,orange marigold,flower pattern on black background,yoga at the beach,black yoga gear,vacation workouts

Ever return home from a great vacation only to realize your jeans don’t fit you anymore? Ever have a hike up a mountain planned for the end of your trip, only to realize you let your fitness go during your adventure and now that easy hike feels next to impossible? Don’t worry. You can have

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Gluten Free and Vegetarian Risotto is Tasty Comfort Food

mound of creamy rice moist with shredded greens and diced mushrooms in white plate

I had a great gluten free cookout with friends and family this past weekend to commemorate Memorial Day. But after all that good grilling, it was time to switch things up. I want to substitute char for creaminess, meat for mushrooms, a feast for a single tasty eats. It was time, my friends, to break

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My Shocking May Savings Report Reveals a Blueprint to Help Your Income Grow

purple diamond in the center says "May" in white with berry octagon around it and under that in itallic blue script "Savings Report" and under that in a berry box "For a" and underneath in blue print text "Shocking Growth in financial Security" and under that in berry dot is a $, under the diamond is an oval with site The Great Zambini and round bunny in green tophat logo with same logo in berry circle at top and all this on a background with photo of pile of coins in a stripe at top and bottom and photo of pile of $5 bills in the middle,Savings Report,May,Money,Personal Finances,money blog,pile of coins,pile of cash,pile of money,bunny in tophat,cartoon logo,purple,berry,blue,script,print,octagon

I wanted to start something new I’ve never seen in the blogosphere before and share with you my monthly savings report. Income reports, where bloggers break down their expenses and income, I have seen, and that was inspirational to this post. But I think a savings report is wholly new, and I wanted to share

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20 Awesome Paleo Keto Recipes You’ll Love for Your Next Cookout

Paleo Keto Cookout Recipes

Everyone loves a good cookout. It brings the neighbors together and helps you get outside to enjoy the sun. The best thing about a cookout, though, is that it’s an easy way to entertain. Everyone brings a few dishes to make the meal so you can whip up a quick dish and be straight out

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A D.C. Travel Guide for People Who Love Art

Thanks to my combined knowledge of travel and my own city, I think I do a pretty good job of showing people around this place. There’s a lot to see, and sadly I think most visitors never step foot beyond Capitol Hill and the National Mall, so they really only get a sense of the

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3 Things Killing Your Roses and How to Fix Them

3 Things Killing Your Roses and How to Fix Them,scattered pink roses and deep green rose leaves and stems on top of graphic bisected by white line and centered circle with the number 3 and underneath on sage green background is the rest of the title in white,pink roses,organic gardening,dew on flowers,gardening blog,hybrid roses

In This Post You Will Learn: My own experiences with roses How to fight the most common rose pests: aphids (and thrips and spider mites), Japanese beetles, and caterpillars. How to fight the most common rose diseases How to perk up mopey roses Picking the right rose for your climate, including drought or extreme winters

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You Live Life on The Go. Why Not Make A Sweet Banana Treat That Can Go With You?

fried rolled bananas in wonton wrappers dusted with powdered sugar on a black plate,spring rolls,fried rolls,fried dessert,banana dessert,caramelized sugar

I love desserts, snacks, and eating on the go. Thankfully, this recipe does all of the above! The lumpia originated in China as the lumpiang. It’s a lot like other rolled fried foods in Asian cuisine, like spring rolls or wontons. Lumpia is the shortened name that gets used in Hispanic regions influenced by Chinese

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