Flapjacks and Gin Rummy

I like pancakes. It`s one of those foods you mix up on special Sundays or Saturdays, and the whole family is willing to wake up before noon to gobble `em up. (I`m glad the Frau gets Mondays off as well, so I get extra yummy breakfasts like this!) But, sometimes, that isn`t enough. You need … Continue reading Flapjacks and Gin Rummy

This Distance Between Us

I made a room divider.  The super cool amazing thing about this is that it is made with my favorite material: card board! It is 4' tall and 1' wide, and is layered in a cardboard core, a layer of cork on top, and burlap with a scrolling pattern in sky blue on top. The … Continue reading This Distance Between Us

Baked Banana Chocolate Chip Doughnuts

        Though I am a gluten intolerant girl, somehow my system can handle a teensy bit of spelt here and there. Maybe it`s because I quit full gluten grains at such I young age (I got started gluten free somewhere around age 15.) Let me tell you, I`ve missed a lot of cookies and donuts … Continue reading Baked Banana Chocolate Chip Doughnuts

Mirror, Mirror, on The Wall

I know a lot of you are still anxious about last week's preview post, though a lot of people seemed to think that the riddle was fairly easy. Don't remember it? I can do a repeat for you here: When you see me, I see you. What you see is all turned about for me. … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror, on The Wall

Madame Zarina sees boxes in your future. LOADS of boxes!

Moving boxes, that is! That is because I am imminently moving! Sure, it is just down the hall, but when you`ve lived in one place for the past twelve years, it`s a big deal. On the other hand, it is pretty exciting that I get to have a ton more closet space and room to … Continue reading Madame Zarina sees boxes in your future. LOADS of boxes!

I was off on a Zafari…

Wondering about the title? I just really love sticking 'Z' into everything now. It makes me feel like I`m following a theme or something! So, what`s up in Zville? I have been crafting five different posts for you today. That is why I did a double post yesterday, just to make sure I wasn`t leaving … Continue reading I was off on a Zafari…

It`s all fun and games till the awkward silence falls

Happy New Year`s everyone! It`s a new day, and time to celebrate some more with friends! Whether this is your big Winter holiday, or just an excuse to stretch out Christmas fun, this is a party full of sparkle and glam. How can it not be when one of the main attractions is purely adult … Continue reading It`s all fun and games till the awkward silence falls

We’ve got cat scratch fever!

We`ve got cat scratch fever and it`s spreading plague! "Maybe they will stay away," all the townsfolk pray! Maybe we`ll infect you with our great sense of fun, but if you don`t follow this post once you log off, we`re done. (I had the song from Dr. Horrible`s Sing Along Blog: Bad Horse [Letter] buzzing … Continue reading We’ve got cat scratch fever!

Cardboard and Hoovervilles

Ode to Cardboard. The magnificent feature and terrible creature, we all throw it out when our refrigerator comes about. Junk to remove, hated, you are rude to this material we can`t live without.          Speaking of the woes of the under appreciated material, I believe it is time cardboard earned some love. Your love! Because … Continue reading Cardboard and Hoovervilles