Hanukah Has Nailed It: A Festive Nail Art Tutorial For The Festival of Lights

Hanukah is upon us! In light of this event, I wanted to share a quick #NailedIt with you. I didn't actually nail it too much because I tried this technique in the middle of the night- and with five hours available for sleep for me that's a particularly stupid idea- and I ended up facing … Continue reading Hanukah Has Nailed It: A Festive Nail Art Tutorial For The Festival of Lights


Game of Chance in Nail Art

Summer time means a lot of road trips for my family, and that means a lot of time eating out. While we wait for our food to come we like to break out a pack of cards and play a quick round (sometimes three if it takes a while or we are moving quick!) of … Continue reading Game of Chance in Nail Art

The Hand of Destiny: Organic Tattoos

I recently went to a Summer festival, full of carnival games and delicious sweet and fried tidbits. I ate a yummy fruit tart (gluten free, of course) sold by a local bakery, and actually won a round in that impossible milk bottle toss game. And then, I noticed a little both on the outskirts of … Continue reading The Hand of Destiny: Organic Tattoos

On the Go

When I leave the house for the day, I sometimes get a little nervous. I always worry that I might run into some sort of little emergency that at the very least well be a real inconvenience for the rest of the day, if not an outright embarrassment. Then I had an aha moment! Bring … Continue reading On the Go

Fire and embers

I was a little shocked that my current project, an upcycling tutorial, is taking longer than the 5 days I had planned. So I have chosen, in the meantime, to share this quick nail look with you all, though it will already be a familiar sight to some of my active Twitter followers. The background … Continue reading Fire and embers

Monthly Surprises: Julep Subscription Box Review

I recently subscribed to Julep Brand's monthly box program. Julep is, of course, the brand that is most well known for their nail polishes and manicure tools that "make a home manicure easy and fun." I know I always enjoy doing my nails regardless of whether I use dollar polishes or fancy brands, but I … Continue reading Monthly Surprises: Julep Subscription Box Review

Mean Green Sweetheart

I decided to simply slather on whatever green nail polishes came to mind, and I've got to say it worked. I love the look of this manicure! (I'm sorry for the door messing up the background, I don't own Photoshop or anything else...) And I was able to pull it all together with free drawn … Continue reading Mean Green Sweetheart

Send Me Out An S.O.S.

A Lady in Need Can`t always Ask Her Knight for Help... Sometimes, emergencies happen. And I`m not talking about a heart attack or flood, here. I`m talking about serious stuff that your local EMT couldn`t care less about. (Unless on her off hours she is a fashionably shod lady. Which plenty of EMTs are, promise!) … Continue reading Send Me Out An S.O.S.

Tied in Knots

My hairstyle, that is! I absolutely love buns. They are so chic, and they look terribly tricky to pull together. They are also super easy to actually pin up, and cut my hair styling routine down to about ten minutes a day. Here`s five buns, with terrible pictures, that I`ve worn this week! The poor … Continue reading Tied in Knots

Surprise Inside! Rainbow Crackled Nails

I`ve been promising some things for about a month now. In particular, this little gem of a preview post foretold the coming of a theme week. Then, in a fit of pique, I decided to drop that project. However, I felt inspired to return to the question a few days later, on the third if … Continue reading Surprise Inside! Rainbow Crackled Nails