The Sorrow of Goodbye and Facing Grief

Hello friends. I have been a bit derailed in life in general lately- no blog posts, no progress on my pet projects, mostly nothing at all. I wanted to share a little heart to heart with you on that. Just a few weeks apart I faced the death of not one, but two grandparents. I … Continue reading The Sorrow of Goodbye and Facing Grief


Update on loss

Just wanted to share these lovely flowers real quick with you all. There's something about a bouquet that is very comforting after a loved one's funeral.

Out of The Shadows, Wire Sculpture

This wire sculpture is supposed to be a person rising from pain and brokenness. I suppose I made it en memorium of the time when I had depression, and the beauty of hindsight and seeing how I rose above the hurt I felt at that time. I know this may feel strange, but I think … Continue reading Out of The Shadows, Wire Sculpture

Love Yourself

I just saw a blog post admonishing all of us to stop hiding from the camera. I`ll be the first to admit that I have a problem with it. When I see someone has a camera out, I run for the hills. I don`t want people to see my goofy smile, my buck teeth, my … Continue reading Love Yourself