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Rev Your Metabolism: Eat a Little, Often

I know I`ve mentioned before that I eat food pretty often. Every three hours, in fact. That means that, at the end of the day, I will have had about six meals. I don`t know about you, but when I first started this, it seemed pretty overwhelming. Do you know how long it takes to

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Dietary Styles: A Primer

I know it can be hard to keep track of every little thing. Almost everyone that goes through your door has some kind of dietary restriction, and you would probably explode if you tried to keep track of every detail in your memory banks. They may be bigger than computers, but I mean, it`s not

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Hit the Road Jack, it`s Time to Snack!

Snacking while dashing to and from each class takes some planning… Sometimes you don`t have access to your kitchen to make the great foods you have in mind. Sometimes you are stuck with eating out at any cafe you can find. And sometimes you are stranded on your campus, with five minutes to eat a

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So Hoity Toity with your Special Diet. Allergies? Pshaw.

Dear Misunderstanding friend/family/etc trying to convince me ‘one bite won`t hurt’, Sure, I like being special. I like ‘special‘ when it`s used as a codeword to mean brilliant, or above average, or just really cool and amazing. Who dislikes that kind of special? But then there`s the kind of special that is said in a

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