Sending Out an SOS: This Historic President’s Museum is in Need of Help

I had a lovely day trip planned last weekend for a visit to a historical estate, some hiking, and a picnic, as it was uncommonly warm. (Well, I say uncommonly. In years past it would have been a normal temperature, but it's been a very chilly Winter!) I was planning to visit Gunston Hall, the … Continue reading Sending Out an SOS: This Historic President’s Museum is in Need of Help

On the Go

When I leave the house for the day, I sometimes get a little nervous. I always worry that I might run into some sort of little emergency that at the very least well be a real inconvenience for the rest of the day, if not an outright embarrassment. Then I had an aha moment! Bring … Continue reading On the Go

Children of Flames

Children of Flames As some of my long term blog followers may know, I have narrowly avoided being a housefire victim, pretty much through every fault of my own. It was foolish carelessness on my part, and in the end the smoke damages were far greater than the fire, which staid resistant to the fire … Continue reading Children of Flames

Send Me Out An S.O.S.

A Lady in Need Can`t always Ask Her Knight for Help... Sometimes, emergencies happen. And I`m not talking about a heart attack or flood, here. I`m talking about serious stuff that your local EMT couldn`t care less about. (Unless on her off hours she is a fashionably shod lady. Which plenty of EMTs are, promise!) … Continue reading Send Me Out An S.O.S.

Fire Beside Her

I recently had a fire. And by recently, I mean yesterday. And by fire, I mean the out of control inside my house kind. It didn`t make me happy. It made me rather distraught, truth be told. I used to be a fan of flames and burning stuff, but I don`t like fire anymore. Someone … Continue reading Fire Beside Her