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Jamming in My Jammies: A No Stress Christmas Party Plan

I really do appreciate all the glamorous holiday parties that I tend to be invited to around this time of year. But, sometimes, I want to hang out with my friends and be festive in a slightly more low key kind of way. Enter the ugly sweater party/onesie or pajama party/sweats are cool too party.

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Ready for Warmer Weather

I don’t know about you, but I’ve finally gotten tired of the cold. Getting snow was cool. Well, literally yes, but it was also a nice change. And we’ve gotten it, several times now. And, you know, I want to feel warm and be surrounded by green again. Barring some indoor gardening, I figured my

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It`s all fun and games till the awkward silence falls

Happy New Year`s everyone! It`s a new day, and time to celebrate some more with friends! Whether this is your big Winter holiday, or just an excuse to stretch out Christmas fun, this is a party full of sparkle and glam. How can it not be when one of the main attractions is purely adult

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