A 3 Step Guide to Help Adults Learn to Ride a Bike

Every wondered how do adults learn to ride a bike? Especially adults who have never ridden before. I was right there with you, but I learned, and I'm confident you can too. I Am an Adult Who Can't Ride a Bike Or at least, I was an adult who couldn't ride a bike. That all … Continue reading A 3 Step Guide to Help Adults Learn to Ride a Bike

Open Minded

                     As I go through college, I become more and more impressed with how closed minded a self proclaimed ‘open minded’ individual tends to be. It seems to be a term used to describe a person who wants to be known as modern, and most likely liberal, rather than applying … Continue reading Open Minded

Teacher Bullies

Well, I promised you interest stories. And I`ve got one right here for you. If you like this type of post, please please please tell me. I need to know how you feel, because I kind of am writing for you. We`re pen pals like that. Or, at least type pals, though that really doesn`t … Continue reading Teacher Bullies