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Reconstruction: The Closet Era

Some Things Need Tailoring Like I said in my post, Ive done some light closet purging lately. I make it a habit to go through my clothes, including the stuff that is stashed in the back just in case Ill fit into it again, and donate the stuff that I dont truly love anymore. That

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Tied in Knots

My hairstyle, that is! I absolutely love buns. They are so chic, and they look terribly tricky to pull together. They are also super easy to actually pin up, and cut my hair styling routine down to about ten minutes a day. Here`s five buns, with terrible pictures, that I`ve worn this week! The poor

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Louis Vuitton bothers me: No Originality in Haute Couture

Louis Vuitton,designer handbag,hobo handbag,Early Aughts style,Early 2000's fashion,vintage purse,gold Louis Vuitton logo all over a brown leather purse with a pink purse handle and gold hardware

I know that I`m about to mortally wound and offend a few of my readers, but I couldn`t resist. You see, I was scrolling through a few blogs, and found this amazing post on handbags at Thecitizensoffashion. I was reeled in by the fabulously ostentatious snake purse at the top of the page. Is no

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Glasses are The Window into The Fashion Soul

natural untreated uncolored raw bamboo eye glasses eyeglasses, prescription glasses, wayfarer glass frames

I love Glasses It bothers me, all of the people who wear their glasses in secret. Usually they just wear contacts, and it compeltely thows me off the few times they show up in glasses. It really bothers me, though, when people literally switch between contacts and glasses every day. If I took a facial

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