Dietary Styles: A Primer

I know it can be hard to keep track of every little thing. Almost everyone that goes through your door has some kind of dietary restriction, and you would probably explode if you tried to keep track of every detail in your memory banks. They may be bigger than computers, but I mean, it`s not … Continue reading Dietary Styles: A Primer

Join Us for Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

You are being haunted. It is following you. At night, it dances through your dreams, chasing you with scandalous ideas. During the day, you can`t think straight, stuck on the tantalizing images your brain supplies. I think it`s getting to you. What is it? I`ll tell you what it is. Rice pudding! Shocked you, didn`t … Continue reading Join Us for Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

It’s just like a Box of Cracker Jacks- Viet Salad Rolls

Because there is a surprise inside of these seemingly 0rdinary lunch rolls. They look mighty tasty, don`t they? Wish you were here now, don`t you? Well, I suppose I can stop torturing you now and get to the recipe. I kind of like bugging you, though, so can I get a little hint of how … Continue reading It’s just like a Box of Cracker Jacks- Viet Salad Rolls

Hidden Salad, Crouching Tiger

I`m a Salad Convert I`ll admit it: I`m only a recent convert to the salad. I used to hate leafy things. Well, I`ve always loved brussel sprouts and spinach, which I`ve long been assured shows hints of my inner insanity. What toddler gobbles that stuff?I don`t see why brussel sprouts aren`t loved by all children, … Continue reading Hidden Salad, Crouching Tiger

Flapjacks and Gin Rummy

I like pancakes. It`s one of those foods you mix up on special Sundays or Saturdays, and the whole family is willing to wake up before noon to gobble `em up. (I`m glad the Frau gets Mondays off as well, so I get extra yummy breakfasts like this!) But, sometimes, that isn`t enough. You need … Continue reading Flapjacks and Gin Rummy