A Mystery

“Any word yet on what’s causing it?” The clock in the corner hit the hour, letting out a deep gong sound.             The other man shook his head. “Your highness, it’s simply an unexplainable phenomena. The atmospheric layers are somehow changing colors, leaving giant rifts, emitting foul odors. We simply don’t know enough about the … Continue reading A Mystery


The pen that Hovers

Always doth my pen hover As I shelter from frightful weather. There I wait, A drop falls. Still my muse Refuses to call. How can I correct Spent ink all dried, How to perfect Thoughts I`d once surmised. No editing then, Shall be my modus operandi: Regardless of my perfectionist fears.

Down By The Waterside

posted buhaypilipino chat Down by the riverside is a glowing green scale. A young boy, bored by his fishing endeavors, picked the scale up and twiddled it in his fingers. It was quite a shock as he felt his whole body twist and change, his memories ending  even as his gills gulped oxygen from the … Continue reading Down By The Waterside

An Unlooked for Hero

And all and away They settled on stars. To escape from their lives, They traveled afar. They packed up their bags and filled up their ships, They chartered a course and set off and so from their planet split. The day of take off was cheerful and bright and even on the children not a … Continue reading An Unlooked for Hero

Sweet Dreams

In the silence of the trees, there a voice speaks to me. "Child, child, why do you weep? Where could your parents be?" Though she looked, she could not see, and so she said what the problem had to be. "My parents may no longer hold me, for they are dead, and now I must … Continue reading Sweet Dreams

Childish Fears

"But, Z, you hate babies." "Yep." "I mean, you actually put them one above snot fruit (avocados) on the toxic list, because you are always saying they make so much more slime. You think they are icky. You`ve actually even said that, 'icky'!" "Uh-huh." "Then, why on Earth did you volunteer to watch that child?!? … Continue reading Childish Fears

A Conversation

Hi. (It has been so long, you don`t call me anymore. I don`t feel connected to you anymore, I`m not really sure who you are anymore.) Hi to you too. (I`m not sure how to react to you. Will you be angry? Will you resent my silence? I wish we could talk like we used … Continue reading A Conversation

The Leaves Of Paradise

Fate423 gave readers a challenge: make a five sentence story with the theme of paradise. So I did. Here it goes! The screen porch clacked as he rushed out, face turned up to catch the swift breeze. His smile stretched out, and with a whoop he ran past the twiggy gate. Lengthening his stride, he … Continue reading The Leaves Of Paradise

A Story, Then.

ShrinksArentCheap</a> demanded a story from me. Well, actually, a story from anyone, as long as I didnt dare to comment on her poem. And so, being a gentlewoman, I complied. Not very promptly, but I`m a little slow like that. 🙂 Here is my story to share! “Once upon a time, when the world was … Continue reading A Story, Then.

Eye on Crime

“Whatever are you doing Jane?” "Oh, well, I`m doing some decorating, of course! I`ve got some lovely flowers arranged here, and it will be just the prettiest thing when your girlfriend comes over! Why, I was thinking the blue and yellow would really set off that hideous couch you have, and maybe some chrysanthemums to … Continue reading Eye on Crime