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3 Ideas to Help You Ring in Spring!

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Spring is finally here! I’m so excited to finally be free of the endless cold snaps that have been popping up every time we thought the weather had decided to play nice. So I’m sharing my best ideas to ring in the real Spring weather! Note, product links give me a kickback and help me

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The Sights of Summer: A Photo Tour

Summer comes in bright and yellow, bright bobbing flowers call out “Hello!” For cheer is here in this sunny world, and black eyed susans join in accord. What do you love in nature and life that blooms in Summer?

Easter is here!

It is Easter Sunday today, folks! Well, at least with the Western calendar. My Greek Orthodox friends at the local gyro shop (love gyro! I could eat that spiced lamb any day, along with my dream of daily sushi or Thai!) won`t be having their`s until May 5th, but if you fall in that category,

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