Snow. Drifting, Falling. Twists and turns, leaps and bounds, snow balls whizzing through the air. Winter. Snow takes you there. And when it is cold, And the fire is cozy, And your family surrounds you, and the world is bare, silent. Honest and comforting. Its the snow that takes you there. Its the snow that … Continue reading Snow


  Firefly, firefly, Sitting high in the sky, Why do you dance through all my dreams? Dancing through the evening sky Firefly you fly to high In my hand, caught by me. Firefly, firefly, Running through the night, Shining light for all to see. And when Summer ends We never say good by For with … Continue reading Firefly

Fire Beside Her

I recently had a fire. And by recently, I mean yesterday. And by fire, I mean the out of control inside my house kind. It didn`t make me happy. It made me rather distraught, truth be told. I used to be a fan of flames and burning stuff, but I don`t like fire anymore. Someone … Continue reading Fire Beside Her