Sporting Good Fun to be Found In These Weird Sports You’ll Want to Try!

I dislike sports. Oh, sure, I like some of them. I like badminton, and sometimes I dabble in running (I just hate it when I'm forced to run), and sometimes I like to do yoga in snazzy outfits. I like Piloxing, and doing weird classes and such. I like doing lots of things. But I … Continue reading Sporting Good Fun to be Found In These Weird Sports You’ll Want to Try!


Game of Chance in Nail Art

Summer time means a lot of road trips for my family, and that means a lot of time eating out. While we wait for our food to come we like to break out a pack of cards and play a quick round (sometimes three if it takes a while or we are moving quick!) of … Continue reading Game of Chance in Nail Art

Improving Our Libraries

I feel that libraries are being crowded out by instant streaming and monthly subscription unlimited ebook plans. They're sort of the dinosaurs of government, moving right up there with the US Post Office and Detroit's famous blacksmith position. Some efforts to improve the problem include the famous bookless library model, but that has too many … Continue reading Improving Our Libraries

Moving Sideways

I`ve tried something crazy and ambitious. I have no idea if it will work at all, but I`m hoping it worked out. You see, in a burst of creative inspiration after a short hiatus I felt like trying to add a crossword puzzle on here. You know, that`s actually a twisty proposition. There are programs … Continue reading Moving Sideways

How to Study

People always treat this subject as if it is something one just inherently knows, rather like blowing your nose or walking. "Yeah, it has a learning curve, but it`s no big deal." Studying is not just important for students like me. It`s how you learn new languages, the new procedures on removing crowns that you … Continue reading How to Study

Super Bowl Party Snack-imals

Snack Time Means Mini Meals Snack time is hard. You are a little hungry, but dont have the time to whip up a full meal. Or maybe you have the time, but this really isnt the time or place. I know it is complicated, so just bear with me. The point is, sometimes you need … Continue reading Super Bowl Party Snack-imals

It`s all fun and games till the awkward silence falls

Happy New Year`s everyone! It`s a new day, and time to celebrate some more with friends! Whether this is your big Winter holiday, or just an excuse to stretch out Christmas fun, this is a party full of sparkle and glam. How can it not be when one of the main attractions is purely adult … Continue reading It`s all fun and games till the awkward silence falls