Got Legos?

I do. More than I can count. Well, the 'I' there is rather misleading. None of them are my fault. I actually find Legos to be much too limiting to my creative soul. I like my clay and wire and paint. But my sister and mother, as well as my Mum`s best friend, are crazy … Continue reading Got Legos?

Geek Style

Two months ago I did a research visit (Yeah, research. suuure, Z!) at Katsucon. Among many amazing things I hadn`t seen in general, I also saw many elements of style I don`t run into when I flip through my Vogue or fashion blogs. Which is actually pretty surprising, considering that you`d think the first place … Continue reading Geek Style

Robbing From the Rich (No, This isn`t Politics)

Big Fashion Has Been Letting You Down Vogue has been telling you for quite a bit what is in for this Spring. Unfortunately, their editors only live in a few select cities, and they don`t really know what most people wear. I read the magazine a lot, but it always disappoints me a little how … Continue reading Robbing From the Rich (No, This isn`t Politics)

Casual Geekery

In a galaxy, far far away, lives another race. A race that speaks Klingon and knows Tolkien`s elvish runes by heart. A race of humanoids that can encrypt data faster than a cartoon man leaping over tall buildings, while wrestling angry dragonoids in a 3-D gaming platform. This race is a proud component of geekdom, … Continue reading Casual Geekery

Quick Bites

I bought one of those cake pop molds. It was calling my name out in Michael`s, and I just had to take it home. It was a little like a lost puppy, with that silicon molds, hangdog eyes, and cute pictures on the package. Well, not the hangdog eyes. There was a picture of monster … Continue reading Quick Bites