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Celebrating The Festival of Lights

I just wanted to wish those celebrating a great eight days! The Festival of Lights, also called Hanukah, Hanukkah, Channukah, and a few other different spellings is a celebration of the moment in Jewish history when sacred oil for lighting the Temple lanterns was down to just one day’s worth (due to some monkeying around

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Jamming in My Jammies: A No Stress Christmas Party Plan

I really do appreciate all the glamorous holiday parties that I tend to be invited to around this time of year. But, sometimes, I want to hang out with my friends and be festive in a slightly more low key kind of way. Enter the ugly sweater party/onesie or pajama party/sweats are cool too party.

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Dorm Deck The Halls: 5 Steps to Decorate Shared Spaces on a Budget for The Holiday Season

Christmas Decorating can be a little difficult when it comes to dorm decor. Part of it is that you have a tiny budget as a college student, then you also have no time because December is usually finals season- and the other difficulty is that you share space with roommates who might have their own

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Holidays in Half The Time: Deck The Halls, And Porch, And Yard for Christmas

I love decorating my house for Christmas. I think most people who don’t even celebrate the religious holiday still tend to do the fun cultural christmas things like the decorating, the cookies, and even the presents. Even if you aren’t celebrating any aspect of the holiday though, you likely have something you celebrate around this

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Kick The Junky Cheap Clothes to The Curb and Learn How To Invest In Clothes That Will Last

Expensive clothes in the US aren’t high quality. Expensive clothes in the US have a fancy designer label but are made with the same awful stitching with loose threads out the wazoo that can’t handle going through a few washes. Medium brands like Land’s End that cost in the $50-$100 range are the only brands

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so blessed to have you here. No, I really mean that. I’ve taken on a lot of new jobs and chase several dreams this year- become a full time author, started writing two blogs full time. Some of you have stuck by me since my first year blogging and I’ll always be grateful for

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Merry Christmas!

Whether you`ve decked out in holly and are feeling quite jolly, Or you find that this is a troublesome day; Whether your heart is light and merry or your feelings are now contrary I hope you`ve had a beautiful day. For the Christmas night is nearing, and we`re leaving all the giving so endearing, and

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May Day!

I don`t think that, as an American, I`ve ever experienced a May Day celebration. It really just isn`t done. I suppose it is one tradition that never managed to cross the Atlantic, because as far as I can see there are still historical societies and perhaps rural villages keeping these traditions alive in the isles,

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