Tea pots

      As you guys know, I`ve spent far too many posts talking about tea. I talk about tea shops, tea for stress, and tea for metabolism. To continue in that vein, I want to talk about tea pots today. I guess I`m just a big fan of tea and tea things. There is just something … Continue reading Tea pots

Carlyle House

This is Carlyle House, in historic Old Town Alexandria. You`ve noticed I visit the city a lot, haven`t you? I guess I just love this city! Seriously, have you been to any of these places? You`d be a repeat visitor too if you were close enough to have that luxury. One day I`m going to … Continue reading Carlyle House

What Do You Do With A Drunken Tree?

Why did I throw some Disney (I know, shocking that it comes from them of all places!) song lyrics in as my title? Because it`s catchy. See, it got you to read this, right? At any rate, I do know some drunken looking things around here. Some forlorn looking tree branches, for one. Yes, it … Continue reading What Do You Do With A Drunken Tree?