How To Survive The Anxiety When You Have To Do Phone Calls (Because They Refuse to Email Like a Decent Human)

Phone calls stink. But you can survive them with a mix of practical tips to fight phone anxiety delivered with signature snarky humor.

Carpet Pirates

This isn't a very serious post at all, but this is a pretty fun little thing I noticed. We used to have one of those bazillion ton two feet ish deep monster so called "flat screens'- because the screen was flat they used to call them that even when the body was a foot thick … Continue reading Carpet Pirates


Comes in like the plague Clear out the pantry Leave with new mudprints I don't know about you, but this looks like an average dinner to me a few years ago. Once I started to realize that gluten was a problem I ate a little less (my body started to recognize what I was eating … Continue reading Teenagers

The Society of Name Changerators

There seem to be a lot of bad names out there. I mean, really bad names. We`ve got ethnic names, which sound really cool but make people look at you weirdly if you are the wrong race for them. I can`t give you specific examples, because that would get me tagged as a racist person … Continue reading The Society of Name Changerators

April Fool`s!

Today is April Fool`s Day! So, in an effort to keep the pranking fun and nice, I thought I would share some ideas that don`t leave anyone with broken limbs. I decided to bring you a list of my top 5 favorite pranks that are silly, not mean. The ER staff will thank me 🙂 … Continue reading April Fool`s!