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Struggling To Quit: The Dairy Addict

I scream, you scream- basically everyone screams for icecream. We can’t help it, it’s so smooth and creamy and scrumptious it brings out the volume in all of us. It’s a favorite dessert, and especially now that we’ve hit November icecream will start popping up on Thanksgiving tables (if you live in the USA) or

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Colors Of The Wind

The colors that speak To the unsettled soul, the words that we say, the people we know. One side of the street hosts all their friends, if they are the same color they may safely come in. You are clearly not one of them, and so you can not come in. Colors and paints on

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So Hoity Toity with your Special Diet. Allergies? Pshaw.

Dear Misunderstanding friend/family/etc trying to convince me ‘one bite won`t hurt’, Sure, I like being special. I like ‘special‘ when it`s used as a codeword to mean brilliant, or above average, or just really cool and amazing. Who dislikes that kind of special? But then there`s the kind of special that is said in a

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