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Jamming in My Jammies: A No Stress Christmas Party Plan

I really do appreciate all the glamorous holiday parties that I tend to be invited to around this time of year. But, sometimes, I want to hang out with my friends and be festive in a slightly more low key kind of way. Enter the ugly sweater party/onesie or pajama party/sweats are cool too party.

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To Oblivion

  Plot You see, the thing is, though I love action movies, I tend to hate the whole dystopia style. I figure that I watch movies for fun, and a terrifying future really doesn`t seem all that cheerful. I`m not the kind of gal that needs that cathartic release- it actually tends to bum me

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Cinematic Fanatic

Let me just start by saying I`m not. Really. I mean, I like movies. I watch one just about every night, actually. We used to be really strict about all eating at the dining room or kitchen table, but we got lazy. So now we all eat real food, (like before) and all together in

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