Jamming in My Jammies: A No Stress Christmas Party Plan

I really do appreciate all the glamorous holiday parties that I tend to be invited to around this time of year. But, sometimes, I want to hang out with my friends and be festive in a slightly more low key kind of way. Enter the ugly sweater party/onesie or pajama party/sweats are cool too party. … Continue reading Jamming in My Jammies: A No Stress Christmas Party Plan

Jack The Giantslayer

I thought this movie was good. There were a few big plot twists that really would have surprised me even if I hadn`t known the children`s tale. Halfway through the movie, we all thought it was done, but it really had a huge twist that made the whole thing even better. The basics of the … Continue reading Jack The Giantslayer

Casual Geekery

In a galaxy, far far away, lives another race. A race that speaks Klingon and knows Tolkien`s elvish runes by heart. A race of humanoids that can encrypt data faster than a cartoon man leaping over tall buildings, while wrestling angry dragonoids in a 3-D gaming platform. This race is a proud component of geekdom, … Continue reading Casual Geekery