Firefly, firefly, Sitting high in the sky, Why do you dance through all my dreams? Dancing through the evening sky Firefly you fly to high In my hand, caught by me. Firefly, firefly, Running through the night, Shining light for all to see. And when Summer ends We never say good by For with … Continue reading Firefly


I`d be the first to admit that I`m scared of haikus. I used to be quite proud of my ability to use the short and strict form to make something beautiful, but then I was told by my Japanese teacher that mine was the worst in the class. (She actually said a lot of nice … Continue reading Haiku


The plague of the Summer is here. The soft whirring and copious amounts of exoskeleton coating the ground affirm that they have come. The plague, the menace, and the nuisance: cicadas. Lucky us, not only is it cicada season, but it is also the seven year 'spike' where a special breed of cicada which lays … Continue reading Cicadas

An Unlooked for Hero

And all and away They settled on stars. To escape from their lives, They traveled afar. They packed up their bags and filled up their ships, They chartered a course and set off and so from their planet split. The day of take off was cheerful and bright and even on the children not a … Continue reading An Unlooked for Hero

Visitor In The Night

With his wings expanded, this guy must have been at least six inches from wing tip to tip. It was a lovely and rather awe inspiring sight, though I`m still not quite sure how he got between my two window panes. Maybe I secretly had left the screen pushed up? Either way, he was able … Continue reading Visitor In The Night

The Grove on The Coast

                          The sheening white leaves now they suddenly leave as the flowers have faded away. The shining new leaves decked out in fresh green in the wind they softly sway. Here we see those trees decked in their season`s majesty and they keep my doldrums away. Still they stand there though ill tide land there … Continue reading The Grove on The Coast

At The Helm

A story has two ends. It all depends on where you start, and where you want to go. It has bumps and ridges, and its highs and lows. It`s a mystery to find your way, with a path that changes as you grow. But you are standing at the helm, so only you will ever … Continue reading At The Helm

Carlyle House

This is Carlyle House, in historic Old Town Alexandria. You`ve noticed I visit the city a lot, haven`t you? I guess I just love this city! Seriously, have you been to any of these places? You`d be a repeat visitor too if you were close enough to have that luxury. One day I`m going to … Continue reading Carlyle House

The Outlook

Also called Rainy Fields, or The Gatherer. I guess I`m not all too decisive about naming something that has really gone unnamed since I made it, but I can`t in all consciousness really feel justified in not bothering to name something that has its own post. It would feel demeaning. So, instead, apparently this piece … Continue reading The Outlook