What Do You Do With A Drunken Tree?

Why did I throw some Disney (I know, shocking that it comes from them of all places!) song lyrics in as my title? Because it`s catchy. See, it got you to read this, right? At any rate, I do know some drunken looking things around here. Some forlorn looking tree branches, for one. Yes, it … Continue reading What Do You Do With A Drunken Tree?

Death of A Tree

The Death of a tree is a terrible thing. For all that shade will no longer be. No happy Summer picnics, no more tree climbs. No resting spot for glorious wind chimes. The birds will move on, the squirrels will leave. The little bunny rabbits will leave your yard be. The foxes will be hungry … Continue reading Death of A Tree

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

But you are a lot more likely to listen when the words are cutely framed! If you do a lot of writing or poetry, you can display that as art as well as your photos and paintings. It just takes a frame and some ingenuity! I don`t think you can see it too clearly, but … Continue reading A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Puffin, Monoprint

This monoprint was made with water color pencils. It isn`t technically a monoprint, as I never actually got around to printing it, but it is a monoprint in process, so that is close enough. I took a photo in a National Geographic from the nineties and created a sketch (I didn`t copy the original!) and … Continue reading Puffin, Monoprint

Salt and Pepper Shakers

┬áBoth sets of shakers bought at Cracker Barrel, antique vase/pitcher, miniature daffodils as also seen in The Variegated Thumb These little shakers hold a whole lot of personality.   What little things do you add to spice up your kitchen and tablescapes?

The Colors The Colorblind See

There are some things in this world we will never understand. Like the eternal question, "Are there are more colors than the ones in the 'visible light' range?" When we look at the bottom of the sea, the answer, surprisingly, is yes. In the actual final frontier, the bottom of our seas, we have been … Continue reading The Colors The Colorblind See

Cherry Blossom Festival

It`s that time of year again! The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing now. Full of dancing, food, and other entertainment, it is the highlight of any Spring D.C. tourist`s visit. I am so lucky, to live in D.C. To be able to walk around campus,or down the street, and see the treasured cherry … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Festival

Inchworm: The Epic

I know I keep posting that Spring is coming, but it`s because I`m so excited that it is true! The forsythia, harbingers of Spring and soon to come warmth, have bloomed, so I know I`m not completely off base on this one. They`re a lot more reliable as sources go than Groundhog Day! So, what … Continue reading Inchworm: The Epic

Words: A Poem of Friendship

Words A beautiful melody that fills the air and powers the soul. I wish I could tell you the very words you need to hear, the very words you should never fear. Love. I love you, as the bee loves the flower, As the tree loves sweet sunlight. Romance we`d never find in each other … Continue reading Words: A Poem of Friendship