Snow Falls

Snow Falls softly, clinging to each limb and joint. And all of the things we ever knew are transformed, become new. But our eyes move up, up, the skies calm and dreamy, Each snowflake hung on marionette crosses, One could believe they even saw stars in this light polluted city.

In The Night

I thought I'd do a sequel to an earlier post, Night Lights. My experiment with distorted night views proved oddly popular, so I thought I'd bring some more out of my archives 🙂 I thought this had some of the energy and fun of a highway at night. Intersections can be chaotic, but I've always … Continue reading In The Night

Night Lights

I thought you might like these photos. I took them at night, without adding any stabilizing. This is what the world looks like to me when I take off my glasses. This one looks like a congress of old men, doesn't it? All lined up and sitting in their chairs. It's all out of focus, … Continue reading Night Lights