A Lovely Community

One Lovely Blog Award I received the One Lovely Blog award from Ajaytao 2010. I`m so honored to have so many friends in this community! Here is my second award (gained in a single week!) The rules? Easy peasy. All you have to do is show the blog picture in the post, link to your … Continue reading A Lovely Community



  Firefly, firefly, Sitting high in the sky, Why do you dance through all my dreams? Dancing through the evening sky Firefly you fly to high In my hand, caught by me. Firefly, firefly, Running through the night, Shining light for all to see. And when Summer ends We never say good by For with … Continue reading Firefly

The Silver Years of Hollywood: We Love Graceful Ageing

Dear Z, Ive been reading a lot about some new anti aging trends. The most noticeable was some articles Ive been reading about Suzanne Somers flirting with hGH, and Ill admit I`m a little curious. To give me a more balanced perspective, could you brainstorm some of the pros of aging? -LiverLover29 First off, I … Continue reading The Silver Years of Hollywood: We Love Graceful Ageing

Talons of Zteel (or Steel, if you are into the whole letter ‘S’ thing…)

I dont know about you, but I love nails. They are the one piece of glam on a girl that can look perfect for a week and good enough far longer, as well as always available in the right size! I have wide feet, and shoe stores always annoy me because even though I have … Continue reading Talons of Zteel (or Steel, if you are into the whole letter ‘S’ thing…)

We’ve got cat scratch fever!

We`ve got cat scratch fever and it`s spreading plague! "Maybe they will stay away," all the townsfolk pray! Maybe we`ll infect you with our great sense of fun, but if you don`t follow this post once you log off, we`re done. (I had the song from Dr. Horrible`s Sing Along Blog: Bad Horse [Letter] buzzing … Continue reading We’ve got cat scratch fever!

Cardboard and Hoovervilles

Ode to Cardboard. The magnificent feature and terrible creature, we all throw it out when our refrigerator comes about. Junk to remove, hated, you are rude to this material we can`t live without.          Speaking of the woes of the under appreciated material, I believe it is time cardboard earned some love. Your love! Because … Continue reading Cardboard and Hoovervilles