Quick Menu

Here`s my day in a quick picture menu. Or, at least, some of my day. Let`s be honest, this is just part of what I eat in a day. I eat a lot, you know, so I have to keep my strength up somehow. Maybe this will have some good ideas for those with gluten … Continue reading Quick Menu


It`s tInsane- Teas, Tonics, and Tisanes

Raw Tea?!? People who go raw don`t drink tea. It makes sense, as traditional leaf teas are dried at really high temperatures, and then boiled when you want to drink them. So that really takes green, black, and white tea out of the picture for any raw purists. What I don`t understand is why many … Continue reading It`s tInsane- Teas, Tonics, and Tisanes

Way to Start Your Day!

Raw-wwwr! Breakfast Now, you may be wondering why I'm growling at you. I'm not, not really. I'm just being my silly old self, but you'll see why. You see, I had a raw foods breakfast. It isn`t really the same as a raw day, but it is a pretty awesome experiment. Actually, I was really … Continue reading Way to Start Your Day!

Raw Vitality

That Moment When You Just Know Yesterday I was talking with the lovely blogger in charge of NomadYouth, and I felt inspired to try some raw food after reading about her conversion from cooked vegan. I`ve tried raw before, you see, but I`ve never had a full raw meal. I guess I felt discouraged by … Continue reading Raw Vitality

Hidden Salad, Crouching Tiger

I`m a Salad Convert I`ll admit it: I`m only a recent convert to the salad. I used to hate leafy things. Well, I`ve always loved brussel sprouts and spinach, which I`ve long been assured shows hints of my inner insanity. What toddler gobbles that stuff?I don`t see why brussel sprouts aren`t loved by all children, … Continue reading Hidden Salad, Crouching Tiger