Monthly Surprises: Julep Subscription Box Review

I recently subscribed to Julep Brand's monthly box program. Julep is, of course, the brand that is most well known for their nail polishes and manicure tools that "make a home manicure easy and fun." I know I always enjoy doing my nails regardless of whether I use dollar polishes or fancy brands, but I … Continue reading Monthly Surprises: Julep Subscription Box Review

Dairy Free Yoghurts

If you are looking to go dairy free, you may have noticed some of the dairy replacement products out there are disappointing. Like the dairy free cheese. Sure, it's completely vegan and dairy free, unless you count casein. You know, the milk protein. So that stuff isn't really dairy free or vegan at all. What … Continue reading Dairy Free Yoghurts

Food Adventures: Korean

You all may remember that Im a huge fan of Asian food. Ive Tweeted reviews on a Thai restaurant, made a strawberry balsamic twist on Summer rolls, and in general been a huge fan of Asian food. I mean, I even take Japanese as my language, though it takes a lot of studying and I`m … Continue reading Food Adventures: Korean