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Science Is So Sweet: Science Experiment For Kids and Kids at Heart

Making Chemistry Fun and Tasty I’ve never understood why Science classrooms had to be so boring. I mean, how can you take volcanoes and caustic chemicals and Antimatter and turn them into a boring subject? How on Earth can you make explosions boring? Probably by never having explosions in the classroom. No, we always had

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The plague of the Summer is here. The soft whirring and copious amounts of exoskeleton coating the ground affirm that they have come. The plague, the menace, and the nuisance: cicadas. Lucky us, not only is it cicada season, but it is also the seven year ‘spike’ where a special breed of cicada which lays

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The Colors The Colorblind See

There are some things in this world we will never understand. Like the eternal question, “Are there are more colors than the ones in the ‘visible light‘ range?” When we look at the bottom of the sea, the answer, surprisingly, is yes. In the actual final frontier, the bottom of our seas, we have been

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