Snow Falls

Snow Falls softly, clinging to each limb and joint. And all of the things we ever knew are transformed, become new. But our eyes move up, up, the skies calm and dreamy, Each snowflake hung on marionette crosses, One could believe they even saw stars in this light polluted city.

This Frozen World

The Potomac is frozen over at Mount Vernon's lookout. It's now snowing and covering up the grass which h ad been trampled free of last week's snow, and is now a dreamy snow laden landscape which is so easy to explore now that most tourists have been scared away by the snowfall. It's always a … Continue reading This Frozen World


Snow. Drifting, Falling. Twists and turns, leaps and bounds, snow balls whizzing through the air. Winter. Snow takes you there. And when it is cold, And the fire is cozy, And your family surrounds you, and the world is bare, silent. Honest and comforting. Its the snow that takes you there. Its the snow that … Continue reading Snow

At The Helm

A story has two ends. It all depends on where you start, and where you want to go. It has bumps and ridges, and its highs and lows. It`s a mystery to find your way, with a path that changes as you grow. But you are standing at the helm, so only you will ever … Continue reading At The Helm