Southwest Nachos

Hot Sauce Scaredy Cat Ive reached food enlightenment. In my past travels <a title="Loveland Cafe" href="">to Colorado</a>, I discovered a culture centered on hot sauce. And <a title="Benson Sculpture Park" href="">statues</a> and <a title="Fantastic Fritter" href="">fritters</a> and <a title="Denver Aquarium" href="">aquariums</a> and <a title="Loveland Cafe" href="">gluten free brownies</a> in a cafe. My family there had shelves with a collection of … Continue reading Southwest Nachos

Outstanding Omelette

I was still feeling like cooking and experimenting and eating today. I figured the best way to do that would be to make a new recipe! And so, feeling the need to test the boundaries of my spicy food bravery, I decided a sri racha omelette was the only way to go.Looks pretty spiffy, doesn`t … Continue reading Outstanding Omelette

Here we Never Let it Cool

A beautiful fancy free day. The sun is shining, kids are smiling, and I am off to play. Why? It`s a snow day! A beautiful day where snowballs are thrown and smiles are universal. Since snow comes to these parts so rarely, especially on a year like this one that is not the seventh year … Continue reading Here we Never Let it Cool

It’s just like a Box of Cracker Jacks- Viet Salad Rolls

Because there is a surprise inside of these seemingly 0rdinary lunch rolls. They look mighty tasty, don`t they? Wish you were here now, don`t you? Well, I suppose I can stop torturing you now and get to the recipe. I kind of like bugging you, though, so can I get a little hint of how … Continue reading It’s just like a Box of Cracker Jacks- Viet Salad Rolls