Sporting Good Fun to be Found In These Weird Sports You’ll Want to Try!

I dislike sports. Oh, sure, I like some of them. I like badminton, and sometimes I dabble in running (I just hate it when I'm forced to run), and sometimes I like to do yoga in snazzy outfits. I like Piloxing, and doing weird classes and such. I like doing lots of things. But I … Continue reading Sporting Good Fun to be Found In These Weird Sports You’ll Want to Try!


Why I Run

I run now, plodding steadily along on a stationary treadmill. There is no excitement in it, and yet it is comforting to absorb yourself in an action and finally take a break, however short, from your constantly running brain. I run on the hills as well, to become a part of the sunshine I run … Continue reading Why I Run

A Sporty Outfit that Beats The Heat

My Basic Sports Outfit So, if you are a new badminton player, (like me) you need to get your outfit pulled together! Here is the latest (and most fashionable) combination for sports in general. Well, if you are a girl. I know I always feel a little funky with how casual and bland sports clothes … Continue reading A Sporty Outfit that Beats The Heat


Badminton is my latest thing. I started a class on it at my college last month, and it really is very exciting and fun! I keep practising my serve and 'volleying' the birdie in any free time I have at home so I can be a little better next class. It`s just a fun sport … Continue reading Badminton

Exercise should be fun!

Exercise? DaNce it Up!. If you want to be active and fit, you have to stop treating exercise as a job, or even a dreaded duty. You have to move because you have found it a fun thing to do to really keep your New Year`s resolutions going. Biker Chicks So dust off that old … Continue reading Exercise should be fun!

Super Bowl Party Snack-imals

Snack Time Means Mini Meals Snack time is hard. You are a little hungry, but dont have the time to whip up a full meal. Or maybe you have the time, but this really isnt the time or place. I know it is complicated, so just bear with me. The point is, sometimes you need … Continue reading Super Bowl Party Snack-imals

New Years: Challenge Accepted!

I'm talking about the all time hardest challenge. At least, for me personally. I'm talking about the sugar challenge! The goal is to have 15 grams or less a day. This may sound easy, like all you have to do is skip dessert, but my normal go to breakfast sabotaged me yesterday with jam, toast, … Continue reading New Years: Challenge Accepted!