Tilting Dragons: The Battle of Learning

Sometimes I just get so frustrated in my day to day life. I know you must feel the same as well. I just want to be perfect- make money, look put together, get along with everyone, always be able to say just the right thing to everyone, have time and skill in my various hobbies, … Continue reading Tilting Dragons: The Battle of Learning

Quick Stress Relievers

I`m not sure if you are aware, but finals are very stressful for me! It just gets overwhelming sometimes, and I can`t stand that tightening in my stomach and whirring in my ears. Somehow I have to distance myself from it all. So, through years of having fits of neurotic overstress periods, I have developed … Continue reading Quick Stress Relievers

How to Study

People always treat this subject as if it is something one just inherently knows, rather like blowing your nose or walking. "Yeah, it has a learning curve, but it`s no big deal." Studying is not just important for students like me. It`s how you learn new languages, the new procedures on removing crowns that you … Continue reading How to Study

Language Is an Art

My College Courses Right now, I`m really a full time student. Oh, sure, I`m taking only twelve credits of actual classes. But my studying isn`t just taking place on campus! I`m also learning stuff outside of the classroom. Call me geeky, but I could spend a week poring through all kinds of nonfiction books in … Continue reading Language Is an Art