Roast `Em

S`mores There`s something about Summertime that seems to say campfire. Maybe because I`m not really likely to camp any other time of year, as I value the fact that I`ve lost none of my limbs to frostbite, or maybe because people really only take vacation time then, but camping and Summer go hand in hand. … Continue reading Roast `Em

Make-a-Mix Brownies

I say box brownies because I did a terrible thing. I used a brownie mix, and I did not actually make the brownies for myself. Well, sure, I had mixed up the mix itself a month or so before, so it was all actually homemade, but it is still not the done thing. Then, when … Continue reading Make-a-Mix Brownies


On a tour of Old Town, Alexandria (Virginia) I found this cute little shop. They had the most amazing cupcakes, and there was a gluten free flavor! (Gluten free seems to be almost universal in Old Town!) It was dark flourless chocolate with peanut sprinkles, and there was a hint of cinnamin in the cupcake … Continue reading Cupcakery

Fantastic Fritter

Whoopsie Daisy I know this was back in the day, before most of you even knew my blog existed, but I`m remembering some yummy pancakes I made earlier in the year. What brought on this bit of nostalgia? When I went on my Spring Break to Colorado, all kinds of experimental gluten free goodies came … Continue reading Fantastic Fritter

Here we Never Let it Cool

A beautiful fancy free day. The sun is shining, kids are smiling, and I am off to play. Why? It`s a snow day! A beautiful day where snowballs are thrown and smiles are universal. Since snow comes to these parts so rarely, especially on a year like this one that is not the seventh year … Continue reading Here we Never Let it Cool

Sweetly Bitter Super Heroes

These Flavors Do The Flamenco on Your Tongue When you think of food, theres a few basic names for the different flavors you taste. Your food might taste bitter, sour, sweet, savory, salty, or spicy. If youve read into Japanese cuisine much, youll know that one of their scientists discovered another flavor in the 80s … Continue reading Sweetly Bitter Super Heroes

Sweet Murder

Away in the wilderness in sheltered environs a plant is growing with roots like irons. It grows to the sky, yet no matter how high it continues while none may rely on it. For you see this plant is an imposter to that realm, it creates decay and disregards the sun`s helm. This plant, in … Continue reading Sweet Murder

Join Us for Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

You are being haunted. It is following you. At night, it dances through your dreams, chasing you with scandalous ideas. During the day, you can`t think straight, stuck on the tantalizing images your brain supplies. I think it`s getting to you. What is it? I`ll tell you what it is. Rice pudding! Shocked you, didn`t … Continue reading Join Us for Slow Cooker Rice Pudding


What`s my take on the matter? Anything that looks like an evil amoeba is not fit for eating. Look at that. If that is not evil food, I`m not sure what is!

Way to Start Your Day!

Raw-wwwr! Breakfast Now, you may be wondering why I'm growling at you. I'm not, not really. I'm just being my silly old self, but you'll see why. You see, I had a raw foods breakfast. It isn`t really the same as a raw day, but it is a pretty awesome experiment. Actually, I was really … Continue reading Way to Start Your Day!