This is the second in the Technology series of paintings I`m working on right now. I think I`ll add just a third and fourth, and then call it quits. The first installment has already been posted, and you can see it here. This 2nd work continues the theme of a bright colored background, and has … Continue reading Mousie


This is Entry 1 in a new series I`m making, with the theme of technology. You can also look at the second installment in the series, of which a third and fourth one is coming out as soon as the muse revisits me. Rather cute, isn`t it? I know you can`t really tell with the … Continue reading Typesette

The Crystal Trap

A lot of people out there say that technology will be the doom of us all. They look to social media as the death of true socialization, and instant access to any news source or opinion to the end of true free and collaborative thought. I disagree. While many individuals have fallen into the ‘crystal … Continue reading The Crystal Trap