20 Awesome Paleo Keto Recipes You’ll Love for Your Next Cookout

Everyone loves a good cookout. It brings the neighbors together and helps you get outside to enjoy the sun. The best thing about a cookout, though, is that it's an easy way to entertain. Everyone brings a few dishes to make the meal so you can whip up a quick dish and be straight out … Continue reading 20 Awesome Paleo Keto Recipes You’ll Love for Your Next Cookout

3 Ideas to Help You Ring in Spring!

Spring is finally here! I'm so excited to finally be free of the endless cold snaps that have been popping up every time we thought the weather had decided to play nice. So I'm sharing my best ideas to ring in the real Spring weather! Note, product links give me a kickback and help me … Continue reading 3 Ideas to Help You Ring in Spring!

Dreamery of Greenery For Natural Aesthetic Christmas Decor

As you may know, the Pantone color of the year for 2017 was Greenery. As you may recall, I have a bit of a tradition of bucking the color of the year. This year, however, I kind of rolled with it. What can I say? I love green, and yellow-green is right up my alley. … Continue reading Dreamery of Greenery For Natural Aesthetic Christmas Decor

Green and Easy DIY Decor You’ll Fall in Love With

I've always been eclectic in the range of interior design trends I like, but I've always been up for a good modern piece. Sometimes they can look a little stark and unfortunate however. I find the best solution for that problem is to incorporate growing stuff in your home. The easiest solution is just to … Continue reading Green and Easy DIY Decor You’ll Fall in Love With

With Racism Here’s Something To Ponder

I feel like humor is, as in the past, being used in this modern world to share major societal problems and concerns in a non-confrontational way. I mean, nobody really listens when the crazed right wing/left wing starts yelling at them that the government should be done their way and everyone else is stupid. When … Continue reading With Racism Here’s Something To Ponder

Color Of The Weird

The Anti Color Of The Year Pantone's color of the year is Radiant Orchid. Not normal orchid, mind you. Radiant. So it slipped into a vat of nuclear waste and, when angry, it pulses out blindingly radiant light waves, or it turns evil with its anger and becomes the stinky corpse flower of doom. Yeah, … Continue reading Color Of The Weird

Today’s Playlist

Lately I've had a few songs stuck in my head. And I figure, if these songs are driving me crazy, they might as well drive you crazy too. But let me clarify: they are really good songs. They are driving me crazy because they are good, and I like them, and I occasionally have a … Continue reading Today’s Playlist

In The Night

I thought I'd do a sequel to an earlier post, Night Lights. My experiment with distorted night views proved oddly popular, so I thought I'd bring some more out of my archives 🙂 I thought this had some of the energy and fun of a highway at night. Intersections can be chaotic, but I've always … Continue reading In The Night

Night Lights

I thought you might like these photos. I took them at night, without adding any stabilizing. This is what the world looks like to me when I take off my glasses. This one looks like a congress of old men, doesn't it? All lined up and sitting in their chairs. It's all out of focus, … Continue reading Night Lights

Living Efficiently

With a combined interest in cutting our carbon footprint and cutting our costs, many urbanites and young adults are turning to micro apartments. This allows you to live in a high cost region, like a college dorm or the middle of downtown, without costing nearly as much as a regular apartment, and might be just … Continue reading Living Efficiently