February Posts

Let`s Recap January, Shall we? Ive been promising certain posts for quite a while, and Ive put thisĀ  one at least on the back burner for at least a week. I guess the extra step of hooking up my camera is what kept it from happening! But, in the meantime, I have now posted most … Continue reading February Posts

Variety Fair: Updated Posting Schedule

I promise, I`m changing up what I`m posting. I`m throwing in more variety! I promise to include more than poems and fashion posts, as well as the occasional opinion/life post. I have waaaaay more topics in store for explorations! Look at my revised tags in the right column. I think we`re ready to rumble now! … Continue reading Variety Fair: Updated Posting Schedule

I Have a Posting Schedule… Sort Of

Some Site Upgrades I think it`s time you and I arranged a heart to heart. Love "Lion King" quotes! Anyways, it`s time you and I did some talking. There are big changes on the way here. Big changes. I think the first thing you should know is that you can follow me on Twitter. We … Continue reading I Have a Posting Schedule… Sort Of

New Years: Challenge Accepted!

I'm talking about the all time hardest challenge. At least, for me personally. I'm talking about the sugar challenge! The goal is to have 15 grams or less a day. This may sound easy, like all you have to do is skip dessert, but my normal go to breakfast sabotaged me yesterday with jam, toast, … Continue reading New Years: Challenge Accepted!