Color Of The Weird

The Anti Color Of The Year Pantone's color of the year is Radiant Orchid. Not normal orchid, mind you. Radiant. So it slipped into a vat of nuclear waste and, when angry, it pulses out blindingly radiant light waves, or it turns evil with its anger and becomes the stinky corpse flower of doom. Yeah, … Continue reading Color Of The Weird

The Sights of Summer: A Photo Tour

Summer comes in bright and yellow, bright bobbing flowers call out "Hello!" For cheer is here in this sunny world, and black eyed susans join in accord. What do you love in nature and life that blooms in Summer?

Frozen In Time

A quick idea for today: freezing eggs. If you can buy a few more eggs on sale, or somehow you've got hens laying a bumper crop (if you do, I can bet you don't live within an hour of me!) you can freeze them. You can freeze them in their shells tonight, then peel off … Continue reading Frozen In Time