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Are you a photographer in the Washington D.C. area? Do you need a model, or want to collaborate on interesting still life, lifestyle, and editorial projects? I’d love to work with you! Contact me via social handles or my contact form!

Guest Post on This Blog

I welcome anyone who has a guest post they would like to share with my audience to get in touch with me. I’d love to collab with you! A guest post would be great to share new blogs with our subscribers!

In return for guest posting with me, you will receive exposure to my more than 15,000 followers. Unfortunately, at this time I can not pay for posts.

I will consider any guest post that fits neatly into one of the categories shown at the header bar: Experiences, Home (this includes food), Style, Self, All Natural (this includes environmental posts), Career, Wellness, The Arts, Money.

My readers seek to improve themselves as well as the world around them, and they enjoy creative posts.

My target audience is very specific as well:

  • young creative women starting their careers and adult lives while living on a budget
  • figuring out how they fit into the world and their relationships as an adult
  • kicking butt in all of that despite maybe not having ideal physical and emotional health and other hang ups trying to hold them down
  • ethical values- prefers fair trade, zero waste, organic, and green options, but won’t rule out a less green alternative that works better for them or their lifestyle
  • health conscious- often following a whole foods based diet philosophy, including but not limited to paleo or keto or AIP or Whole 30

Posts that are very poorly written, boring, or go against the values expressed on the site are less likely to be considered. Posts that are crude or offensive will also likely not be accepted. The world has enough problems, and I do not aim to add to them with this site.